Mobile App

A reliable and innovative Mobile Apps for Rider’s and Drivers Offer your customers a fast, user friendly, intuitive booking experience.

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Mobile App for Riders, One tap booking and tracking their ride’s in real-time.

Ride Now and Later

Option to schedule your rides for now and also in advance with intuitive booking interface.

Surge Pricing

Our unique algorithm designed to surge the price automatically considering driver’s availability for certain areas. ( Demand vs Supply Management ).

Restricted Area’s

A system is designed to restrict bookings for certain area’s which are controlled from a backend.

Wallet Integration

Amazingly Intuitive Wallet design for easy payment integration and supported cash and card transactions with an option to view everything with nice UI/UX.


Take a Tour

Mobile App for Driver’s, Single app that suites all drivers need to get a job done right.

Clean UI/UX

International standards, a slick interactive interface which make interaction experience unique compared to our competitors.

Efficient Tracking

Designed for efficient tracking using Kalman Filters and Gyro API.

Uniquely designed algorithms

Assigned job’s to driver’s automatically using our custom algorithm.

Wallet Integration

Amazingly Intuitive Wallet design for easy payment integration and supported cash and card transactions with an option to view everything with nice UI/UX.


Online Booking

Attract corporate customers

acquire new contracts and increase your online presence with new booking platforms.

Website build using TypeScript

with Powerful Angular 6.0 and TypeScript which gives great speed to a website.

Extremely reliable and stable uptime

Backed up with Powerfull API’s using Microservices and load balancers to make sure website is up all the time.

Admin Panel

Easy & Attractive Interface

View summary of entire system like Total payment’s, Payments by Cash and Card’s, Total Earnings, Total Trips taken, On Going Trips, Latest Trips, Notifications etc..

Manage Everything from one place

Manage User, Driver, Car Type, Corporate, Coupan, Dispatcher, Payout Request, Zones and more...

Dispatcher Panel

Hazel free switching

One tap switching between manual and automatic dispatch finding nearby taxis available allows increased flexibility.

All in one platform

The possibility of managing taxis, drivers and passengers in a single interface simplifies the entire dispatch process.

Real-time updates

Real-time updates for booking’s, Meter by Meter Driver Tracking, Zone queue’s, Real-time Surge, Notification and Messages to make the system unique.

Voila for Everyone

Voila for Everyone, it could be any on-demand service you can think of. Yes, that’s right.
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Voila for Delivery

The Concept of Voila can be implimented on an idea of package dilivery too, where the app will allows people to send any kind of packages to their desired location.

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Voila for Food

Voila for food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato are especially for food delivery from different restaurants. Browse local restaurants, dishes from those restaurants, order food and pay directly from the app and get it delivered to the doorstep.

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Voila for Tutoring

With the experience of Voila app development, our team also tried its hands on Voila for tutoring app for private coaching classes. Including features like video session, live chat, easy scheduling, in-app payment, we can develop a right Voila for the tutor’s app like scholarly.

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Voila for Kids

With the growing number of kid-focused and ride-sharing services, the concept of Voila for Kids comes in the picture the app will be especially for kids to give them a safe and easy riding experience.

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Voila for Photographer

We can change the way people hire a photographer. We can make any type of on-demand photographer solution with requisite features.

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Voila for Doctors

As doctors find it difficult to stay connected with their patients, Voila for Doctors is the right solution that eliminates the gap between doctors and patients through live chat option, instant appointments and guidance.

The Technology Stack Behind Voila Saas

Technology and Achitecture powering Voila Cabs
Platform iOS Android
Programming Language Objective-C Java
IDE Xcode Android Studio
Designing Specifications
Mobile App Design Photoshop, Illustrator & Sketch
Wireframe Design Tool MockFlow
Screen Designing Tool Photoshop & Sketch
Back-end System Development
Web Development Language PHP, Node.js, Sails.js & Angular.js
Database MongoDB & MySQL
Hosting Server Ubuntu

FAQs for Taxi App Development

Most of our clients worldwide have asked us these questions before hiring ours developers to develop their own taxi booking solution.

Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which we are issuing license on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Customer has full access to all of their data and mobile apps.

In this model we re-skin both Driver App (iOS & Android ), User App ( iOS & Android ) and Website ( User ) and upload this app’s on your account’s. Their backend’s are hosted with US how ever user’s who will download the app’s can see your logo’s and brand. There is no headache for maintenance as we take care of every thing.

In this model we hand over 100% source code and data ( if you are our existing customer’s ) and deploy the same to your server’s. This suits best for companies who has large fleet’s and can afford to keep their development team’s.

If you are a small taxi company we advice you to go for normal SaaS model where you get Website ( with your brand and logo ) but hosted on your server. You get access to Driver app ( Voila Cab’s Brand ). You get access to Admin panel ( With your brand and logo ) where you manage every thing to get your business going. You get access to dispatcher panel’s ( Unlimited Dispatcher’s ) With your brand and logo. And you dispatch jobs manually to drivers. This model has no set up cost and you pay for only number of driver’s every month. ( Min. 10 Driver’s )

If you are a large size taxi company and need User app as well then you should go for white-labelled with SaaS solution. Where we upload User App’s on your account with your brand’s and logo’s and your theme. Again with this model we take care of all your headache and all recurring cost and you need to pay us for only number of driver’s every month. ( Min. 10 Driver’s )

If you are a development team and need full access to source code or want to move our of our SaaS model with your own set up, in this case we hand over complete source code and export data from our server to your server with on time installation support included.

Our product is Massively scalable, Rock Solid and Designed for high performance. Backend is coded with pure micro service architure also our App’s are coded with pure native for user’s to get great experience.

Versatile team of total 15 Engineer’s, including Web developer’s, iOS Engineers, Android Engineers, Angular 6.0 developer’s, and equally contributed by our Designer’s and Tester’s for giving an amazing Aurora to an app. We have cross 3+ years developing this product and still on and working hard 🙂 to give our customer’s something better.

We have designed our system in such a way that its all in one fits for everyone, no matter you have 5 Taxis or 1M Taxis .We have friendly support available 24/7 to help train your staff and get you set up with ease!

Yes, Indeed we can help you on how to do effective dispatching to generate higher revenue and scale your business 3x time’s.

Yes, It is highly scalable and designed for large loads and scale easily from 1 driver to 1 Million drivers in fraction’s of seconds.

Voila Cab’s focuses on the Technologies stack so you don’t have to! We have friendly support available 24/7 to help you set up in minutes so you can experience dispatch made easy today.

Voila Cabs helps you stay competitive with tools your customers demand. Take back your business with your own passengers apps and online booking maps to promote your brand, your way.

Whether you have a limo,courier, van, private hire or car service, Voila Cabs puts you in the driver seat of your company. With custom vehicle types, you can set up your account to suite your needs.