Noteworthy Features

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Massively scalable

Coded with pure microservice architecture along with distributed database to deliver consistent performance under heavy traffic.

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Modern Technologies

Coded with modern technologies and tool’s, with most common operations has been automated to make it a pleasure for a dispatcher to work with.

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Design to run in a cluster and node-balancer’s and in case of failures, other active clusters will take the load and deliver unmatched uptime.

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Very Modular

Voila Cab’s code is extremely modular and easy to enhance and tailor its behavior.

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Complete Solution

Voila Cab’s comes with iOS, Android App’s for User & Driver, Progressive Web App for User and Shipped with Powerful Dispatcher Panel with great features that you will just love it.

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Pay as you go Pay

It’s flexible. No contracts and no expensive investments needed. We don’t charge for in-active Driver’s, Just pay for Active Driver’s only.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

Our Valuble clients

Worlds top brands are some of our customers
100% Success booking rate.

We make sure that all bookings are dispatched successfully under large traffic. We won’t settle for errors that take down your app.

Security first

The largest enterprises trust Voila Cabs with their data. We’re GDPR Privacy Shield compliant.

Auto Surge Pricing

Unique algorithm designed to surge the price automatically considering driver’s availability for certain areas. (Demand vs Supply Management).

Realtime Tracking with ETA

Designed for efficient tracking using Kalman Filters and Gyro Api's with all ETA's in realtime to get best experience to Rider's.

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Active users
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Why Voila Cabs? Why us?

Six Reason's Why Biggest Enterprise Trust Voila Cabs.

Our Pricing Plans

We made pricing simple and its purely pay as you go model. We don’t lock you with any contract’s.
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Freebie Plan

Free access to all features with dedicated support

  • Try it Free for 14 days
  • Explore the whole system
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime
  • Set up in minutes
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Spark Plan

No annual payment, Flexible payment cycle

  • Monthly fee per vehicle
  • Unlimited rider profiles
  • No set up costs
  • No contracts
  • 24/7 support
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Enterprise Plan

Dedicated Hosting, No noisy neighbourhood & Support

  • For large fleet sizes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Hosting on dedicated/cloud server’s of your choice.
  • Customisation’s to meet your requirement’s.
  • Available Call-Center’s for dispatch.
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What Our Customers Say about Voila Cabs

Francesc Queralt
Social Cars, Spain
What surprised us after switching to Voila Cabs was how quickly we began to experience and benefit from increasing levels of automation. With additional B2B customer panel’s / POS system for account jobs, We regularly hit 80% automation now and the app is fantastic and very fast – better than Uber. Francesc Queralt , Social Cars , Spain.
QBR Cab, India
When we switched over to VoilaCabs on 14 th Feb 2019 and since that day till date the experience of using the entire system is phenomenal. App is very fast, very-very fast. Dispatching algorithm works flawless and perfect. As a result we’re busier and have grown from 200 to 900 drivers in the last four months.They all love the driver app, it makes their lives so much easier — We finally find the right technology partner
Anand Gupta
Krisp Cab's, India
Voila Cabs platform is fast, flexible and easy to use, allowing us to focus on solving real problems. Above all, customer satisfaction levels are up. Voila Cab's has a great solution for Rider, Drivers, Dispatcher's, Accountant's & for Admin's. Perfect all is one classic tool. I wish I made the move sooner!
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