Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which we are issuing license on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Customer has full access to all of their data and mobile apps.

In this model we re-skin both Driver App (iOS & Android ), User App (iOS & Android ) and Website ( User ) and upload this app’s on your account’s . Their backend’s are hosted with US how ever user’s who will download the app’s can see your logo’s and brand. There is no headache for maintenance as we take care of every thing.

In this model we hand over 100% source code and data( if you are our existing customer’s ) and deploy the same to your server’s. This suits best for companies who has large fleet’s and can afford to keep their development team’s .

If you are a small taxi company we advice you to go for normal SaaS model where you get Website ( with your brand and logo ) but hosted on your server . You get access to Driver app ( Voila Cab’s Brand ). You get access to Admin panel ( With your brand and logo ) where you manage every thing to get your business going. You get access to dispatcher panel’s ( Unlimited Dispatcher’s ) With your brand and logo. And you dispatch jobs manually to driver’s. This model has no set up cost and you pay for only number of driver’s every month. ( Min. 10 Driver’s )

If you are a large size taxi company and need User app as well then you should go for white-labelled with SaaS solution. Where we upload User App’s on your account with your brand’s and logo’s and your theme. Again with this model we take care of all your headache and all recurring cost and you need to pay us for only number of driver’s every month. ( Min. 10 Driver’s )

If you are a development team and need full access to source code or want to move our of our SaaS model with your own set up, in this case we hand over complete source code and export data from our server to your server with on time installation support included.

Our product is Massively scalable, Rock Solid and Designed for high performance . Backend is coded with pure micro service architure also our App’s are coded with pure native for user’s to get great experience. Please request our architure page for backend design and technologies stack page for more details . We also request you to please check features page’s which explain all features in detail’s.

Versatile team of total 15 Engineer’s, including Web developer’s, iOS Engineers, Android Engineers, Angular 6.0 developer’s, and equally contributed by our Designer’s and Tester’s for giving an amazing Aurora to an app. We have cross 3+ years developing this product and still on and working hard 🙂 to give our customer’s something better.

We have designed our system in such a way that its all in one fits for everyone, no matter you have 5 Taxi’s or 1M Taxi’s .We have friendly support available 24/7 to help train your staff and get you set up with ease!

Yes, Indeed we can help you on how to do effective dispatching to generate higher revenue and scale your business 3X time’s.

Yes, It highly scalable and designed for large loads and scale easily from 1 driver to 1 Million drivers in fraction’s of seconds.

Voila Cab’s focuses on the Technologies stack so you don’t have to! We have friendly support available 24/7 to help you set up in minutes so you can experience dispatch made easy today.

Voila Cabs helps you stay competitive with tools your customers demand. Take back your business with your own passengers apps and online booking maps to promote your brand, your way.

Whether you have a limo,courier, van, private hire or car service, Voila Cabs puts you in the driver seat of your company. With custom vehicle types, you can set up your account to suite your needs.

Majority of our customers have saved up to 80% off monthly costs by switching to Voila Cabs. With less than 1 hour of downtime per year on average, free 24/7 support and no lengthy contracts, Voila Cabs gives you the flexibility and reliability you need. Also best part if you can always switch over to White labelled solution when you grow your business.

We never ask your credit card detail’s .

Since Voila Cabs SaaS is a cloud-based solution, you can access it from anywhere on standard devices. You’ll need a PC (for Dispatch) with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and at least a 2 GHz dual core CPU (available in most standard computers) and a smartphone/tablet for Driver App (any Android/iOS device with GPS activated and 3G/4G Internet connection).

With your free trial, you can explore the whole Voila Cabs system at no charge for 14 days (no credit card required). After your trial is finished, our support staff will contact you for next steps & feedback’s. If you need more time to decide, all of your settings and data will be saved from the free trial so you can start up when ready.

Yes! Please contact [email protected] and i will take this as pleasure to help you.

Yes! Voila Cabs can rebrand the passenger app, user app and website so they will show your name, logo and corporate colours. We take care of support and maintenance as this app will be pointing to our server’s. This will still be white label with SaaS Model and you liable for recurring fee’s per driver.

Absolutely! If your company has user app and if the user has made a booking from his user app, ride can be tracked entirely.

The language of the app is the same language of the phone or device in which it is installed by default. If you change the language of the phone/device, the app will also change to the new language.

Absolutely! If your company has user app and if the user has made a booking from his user app, he can rate driver and pay via credit card or cash. Also user can see entire booking history and wallet’s as well.

Our Promo code feature allows you to create special offers for your customers, or promo codes, to use on your Rebranded user apps. You’ll be able to set up campaigns, specify what the offers entail, how many you’re allowed to use and much more. We have friendly support available 24/7 to help you set up your promotion’s.

No ! User app is only available if you pay set up fees. For prices please contact [email protected] for all detail’s.

Yes – It’s available to both iOS , Android and also we have build beautiful Website for user’s to make bookings and access all features of device as well.

Yes – It’s available to both iOS , Android .

Drivers can choose whichever route they want. The system only produces estimates and suggestions, but it’s completely up to the driver where they drive.

The language of the app is the same language of the phone or device in which it is installed by default. If you change the language of the phone/device, the app will also change to the new language.

Yes! The system always has continuous communication with the driver’s device. If the device should be unreachable for whatever reason, the system will still try to communicate with it. Once it succeeds, the location of the vehicle will be updated. We store data locally if driver fails to communicate.

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